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About Us


Life Care Diagnostics

Life Care Diagnostics, a diagnostic centre, is located on the first & second floor, Prabha Palace, Maligaon Chariali , Guwahati 781012, Assam. This location is one of the denser populated areas of Guwahati city. Life Care Diagnostics is a dream excursion of a group comprising of a young, fresh, ambitious, energetic & caring group comprising of a pathologist, a radiologist & an entrepreneur. It aims to provide quality evaluation services in Laboratory Medicine and Radio-diagnosis at an affordable cost to a large cross section of the population of Lower Assam particularly and the entire North Eastern India in general.

The location of Life Care Diagnostics at the Maligaon Chariali offers it the enviable access to a wide ranging population. The bus station connecting Guwahati to nearly all the districts of Lower Assam is just a few minutes away. The Kamakhya railway station is also just minutes away from the Chariali. All intercity buses invariably cross this route and the population density of this locality is large with mainly a lower middle class populace, and a poor ratio of quality health care providers’ especially diagnostic centres to this population. Besides bus and the railways, the centre is also easily accessible by car, two wheelers, and on foot.

Keeping this in mind, Life Care diagnostics, intends to use latest technology & services to give a cutting edge in the field of medical diagnostic services, but at an affordable cost.


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Our mission is to promote excellence in service delivery by providing quality clinical diagnostic care by ensuring professionalism, accountability and excellence in the delivery of services

Our Vision
Our vision is to be the leaders of advanced healthcare in the region.

Our Doctors and Staff Members

Meet our doctors and staff members who are young, energetic, caring and professionals; to give you best type of services.
1. Dr. Ahmed Omar Sherif.
2. Mr. Rajib Das.
1. Mr. Subhamoy Poddar
2. Mr. Biswa Muktiyar
3. Mr. Bijoy Kr. Baruah
4. Mr. Schidananda Chakraborty
2. Dr. Nirmal Sarma, MCR
Dr. Hridoyjit Kakoti, MD
Dr. Hridayanand Goswami, MD

1. Dr. Moitreyee Mahanta, MD

1. Dr. Ahmed Omar Sherif, MD
2. Dr. Sasanka Saikia, DCP
3. Dr. Ankita Saikia, DCP
4. Dr. Ratna Devnath, DCP
Technical Staff (Lab Technician)
1. Mr. Golap Sarma, DMLT
2. Mr. Tilak Rajbanshi, DMLT
3. Mr. Pabitra Mahanta, DMLT
4. Mr. Abdul Latif, DMLT
5. Mrs. L. Rebika Thapa, DMLT
6. Mr. Ramen Das, DMLT
7. Mrs. Bina Das Sarma, DMLT
8. Mr. Jogiraj Das, DMLT
9. Mr. Dwijen Mahanta
Technical Staff (Radiographer)
1. Md. Saifuddin Ahmed, DMRD
2. Mr. Swapan Sarkar, DMRD
Other Staff
1. Mrs. Anjali Das
2. Mr. Manoj Das
1. Mr. Binoy Ch.Kakoti
2. Mr. Dambarudhar Duwarah
3. Mr. Gautom Kr. Sharma
1. Mr. Nakka Bhima Raju
1. Miss Dimpi Kalita